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Regular Guest Ale -

Each month we feature a guest ale, sometimes more. Please ask the staff for information on the style of ale and look out for the signs on the pumps.





amstel Fosters Becks Vier

Premium Lagers

Stella Artois

Also Available (on Draught)

Thatchers Guinness Extra Clod Strongbow


Wines - Clockmaker Wines - supplied exclusively by Charles Wells

                      available in single serve 187ml bottles and full 750 ml bottles


 Single serve bottles 187.5ml  Full bottles 750ml            


Prosecco, Brut NV, Pasqua  - Italy

Fun-filled bubbles in the perfect serving - a glass and a half perfect for one!

11% abv                              £5.50


 Prosecco, Brut NV, Revino - Italy

A full bottle of fun bubbles, perfect for a special occasion, or sharing with friends. 

11% abv                      £19.95



Chardonnay, Clockmaker - South Australia

Fresh flavours of white peach and tropical fruit make this Australian Chardonnay great for any occasion.

13.5% abv                                    £3.90




Sauvignon Blanc, Clockmaker -South Australia

A crisp Sauvignon Blanc with rich fruit flavours and a refreshing finish.

12.5% abv                                  £3.90




Pinot Grigio, Clockmaker - South Australia

A crisp and rfrshing Pinot Grigio with a zesty Southern Hemisphere twist

13% abv                                    £3.90





 Chardonnay, Clockmaker - South Australia

Fresh peach and tropical flavours make a great Chardonnay for sharing or a special occasion.

13.5% abv                       £15.00



Sauvignon Blanc , Paso del SOl - Chile

aromatic nose with dry ripe gooseberry and grapefruit flavours

12.5% abv                       £15.00



Pinot Grigio, Gargenega delle Venzie - Italy

Delightful wine from Veneto. Dry and refreshing with a hint of almond on the finish.

12% abv                            £15.00




 Zinfandel Rosé, Clockmaker - California

A fruity, light rosé packed full of sweet raspberry and watermelon flavours.

10% abv                                   £3.90

 Zinfandel Rosé, Clockmaker - California

A fruit light rosé with lots of raspberry and watermelon in the flavour

10% abv                                      £15.00



Shiraz, Clockmaker - South Australia

A full-bodied Shiraz with a characteristically spicy finish

14% abv                                    £3.90              



Merlot, Clockmaker - South Australia

A deep, rich red with a full and rounded pallet and a smooth finish.

14% abv                                    £3.90



 Shiraz, Clockmaker - South Australia

Full bodied with a spicy finish characteristic of this wine

14% abv                                      £15.00



Merlot, Paso del Sol - Chile

Dark, cherry red with aromas of red berries and eucalyptus. Lightly oaked, with a soft elegant finish.

12.5% abv                                   £15.00








Also Available (In Bottle)

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